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  • Most of the calls we receive are enquiries regarding blockages. The most efficient remedy is the use of High pressure Jetting equipment for blocked drains and Gullies, Mini Jet or Dry Cable Machines for blocked Toilets, Showers, Sinks and Urinals which are normally dealt with within the hour (Subject to access).

    Other common issues are buried Manholes, Roots and Scale, Using our Sonar Tracking equipment and CCTV Camera these issues can be located and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

  • At CD Drains our High Rise Gutter Cleaning Super Vac system eliminates the use of scaffolds, cherry pickers or ladders, saving our customers unnecessary and expensive hire charges. Reaching up to 4 storeys high, gutters and drainpipes can be cleaned safely from ground level.


    Using our specially designed  CCTV Camera system we can inspect your gutters before and after cleaning.  This can also be used to survey high rise out of reach areas for works surveys ( A popular service provided to our Property Maintenance & Roofing clients)


    For Drainpip and Gully blockages our onboard High Pressure Jetting Machine, producing upto 3000PSI at 12 gallons per minute is ready to deal with most stubborn of Blockages leaving your rain water system fully flowing and trouble free.


    For a free no obligation quote contact us today.

  • CD Drains offers all aspects of liquid waste disposal for domestic and commercial properties working in accordance to environmental and governmental laws and criteria, providing Pump Station and Treatment Plant Design and maintenance septic Tanks, Cess Pits & Grease Trap Cleaning, Hazardous Oil Waste removal and disposal at competitive rates across a wide range geographical area including London, Herts and Essex 24/7

    Weather your a small domestic property or a commercial chain in hospitality give us a call we are here to help with no obligations.